Phở Burgers @ Moo Moo Phở - Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a city famous for it's diverse culture and range of fusion foods.

Moo Moo Phở is no exception to this - with a range of Phở Burgers. Yes burgers filled with Phở!

Phở (pronounced fuh) is a Vietnamese noodle soup made of broth, rice noodles herbs, and meat, usually beef or chicken.

We happened to be passing by and really wanted to try this Vietnamese-Western fusion - We weren't disappointed!

Both myself and my girlfriend ordered the Phở-ger which is your classic beef Phở in a burger with a side of fries.

It really did taste like a bowl of Phở in a burger and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The fries were also great - they are offered with several different seasonings, my favourite of which was the garlic (you won't regret it)

The burgers cost $10.90 each or if you want fries also it costs $14.40.

One thing to note is that they charge a 1.5% fee for credit/debit cards which was not well advertised.

Street view of Moo Moo Pho

Inside of Moo Moo Pho

Moo Moo Pho Beef Pho-ger

Moo Moo Pho Burger Menu

Moo Moo Pho Beef Pho-ger Close up