Sentosa Cable Car Review + Photos (August 2018)

If you've been to Sentosa island before there is no doubt that you would have seen the impressive looking cable car that connects Mount Faber to various destinations in Sentosa.

After living in Singapore for nearly 4 years I finally decided to give it a go! It is a great date idea, and also a fun way to get into the island!

Apparently the cable car was first installed in 1974 (Mount Faber line), but they have recently added a new intra-sentosa line in 2015.

I would recommend doing the full line starting from the top of the Mount Faber line, and then going all the way to Siloso Beach. Note it can be pretty busy at Mount Faber, so make sure you get there early, otherwise expect to wait at least 30 minutes to board!

The cable car operates from 8:45 AM to 10:00 PM every day, with the last boarding at 9:30 PM

"View of the Cable Cars"

Try and go on a nice clear day and you will be able to see all of the port, Singapore skyline and the beauty that is Sentosa. If you like as well you can even book a meal to eat aboard!

The cable car is made up of two different lines, the Mount Faber and Sentosa Lines - with a total of six stations, see the map below.

The one way ticket gives you access to all the stations only once, no matter where you got on (so it's best to go from Mount Faber). If you want to go more than once you need to buy another ticket. I purchased the round trip ticket means you can visit each station twice, meaning that you can complete the entire trip no matter which station you leave from.

"Singapore Cable Car" by Simon_sees licensed under CC

"Singapore Cable Cars" by Giselleai licensed under CC

Here are some of the photos my girlfriend and I took on our trip, you can see the amazing beach, Singapore skyline and we even passed over the top of a cruise ship.

The Cable car offers a unique view of Singapore that you can't really get anywhere else, and the view from Mount Faber is also a must see. There are so many other attractions on both Sentosa and Mount Faber.

I would recommend checking out the Henderson Waves near Mount Faber.

On Sentosa there are many activities! From going to Siloso, Palawan beaches, visiting Tanjong Beach club, renting Segway's, visiting Universal Studios, going to the casino, having a picnic, going to the southernmost point in continental asia, the list goes on.

You can certainly incorporate the cable car into a busy day on Sentosa, the opportunities are endless! Just remember to bring some water, and sun protection as it will be hot and humid!

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